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About us

What is the RSL?

Located at the gateway to the Yarra Valley, Lilydale RSL has been in operation since 1918

A traditional non pokies venue we have limited operating hours, but some of the best bar prices around

How did it start?

Lilydale sub-branch of the Returned Soldiers and Sailors Imperial League was one of Australia's first. The inaugural meeting on the 15th january, 1919, took place in the reading room of the Atheneum Hall, Lilydale.

Meeting's over the next 30 years mainly took place in the Melba Hall which stood behind the Atheneum Theatre, and was shared with other groups. During the second world war the main use of the hall was for war work and fund raising.

In the late 50's funds were raised for the purchase of a permanent sub-branch and the long time doctor's residence was bought from Mrs Syme. This was also significant in history as it was the birthplace of Sir Frank Kingsley-Norris, director general of the army medical services in WWII and Korea. In the late 70's the clubrooms were sold and the site developed into the Toyota car yards which is now Subaru Lilydale.

The present day clubrooms were then purchased in Anderson Street. This house was also historical as it was once the home of a local D.S.M. Medal winner, Mr. Reakes.


The Returned and Services League with some 1500 Sub-Branches Australia wide and with a membership of 240,000 is the largest service and ex-service association in Australia. It is generally referred to as the RSL or the League.

How The League Evolved

The RSL evolved as a direct result of the camaraderie, concern and mate ship shown by the "Diggers" for the welfare of their mates during, at the cessation of and after the 1914 ~ 1918 War. That ethos of compassion and service remains the motivating influence of the League.

Organisation of the RSL

The RSL is a national organisation operating through National Headquarters, State Branches, State Executive, State Councils and Sub-Branches.


Lilydale RSL hosts many darts teams on Wednesday and Thursday evenings that compete in the Yarra Valley Social Darts League. Including The Boozers, The Dukes, The Gladiators, The Rebels and MECC.